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Working principle of Roller crusher

2018-04-09 10:15:52 ASCENT SUN HOLDINGS LIMITED Read

The double-light roller crusher uses a pair of rotating circular rollers to crush materials. The material falls into the gap between the two rollers via the feeding port on the upper part of the equipment and is gradually crushed by the gap between the two rollers depending on the frictional force. The finished material leaks from the lower part. When there is material that is too hard to be broken, the roller will automatically retract, so that the gap between the rollers will increase and the hard material will fall. With the help of the hydraulic cylinder or spring, the roller will return to the original gap, thus protecting the machine and adjusting the gap between the two rollers. , you can control the maximum size of the product.

Four-roll crusher uses two pairs of oppositely rotating circular rollers for crushing work。


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