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Working principle of crusher for vertical impact crusher

2018-04-03 17:26:32 ASCENT SUN HOLDINGS LIMITED Read

 The material is entered into the feeding port of the vertical impact crusher by the inlet port, in the flow of the buffer funnel into the impeller, impeller high-speed rotation, materials in the role of centrifugal force and the role of the split cone is assigned to different ejection channels, in the ejection channel in a very short time and a large acceleration of 70m/s-100m/s high speed , to the surrounding projectile out, rushed into the vortex breaker cavity, the material in the vortex breaker cavity, and suspended materials and material liner violent collision, to achieve crushing effect. At the same time, the role of material gasket upward, friction between materials, collision, forming a number of crushing and grinding effect, so that the crushing efficiency is higher.


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